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Ken Jenkins

Written by Ken Jenkins, and read by Ken Jenkins, Michael Kudakwashe and Chipo Chikara. (Get all episodes at A Zimbabwean doctor, David Stark, finds himself caught up in the tumultuous and fascinating lives of two Sudanese Beja siblings, Dr Ali and his sister Salma. Their stories, set in the harsh desert of the Red Sea Hills, recount the turmoil of their upbringing and escape from a nomadic tribe, the Beja of Sudan. Salma has to overcome the trials of female circumcision, child marriage and a traumatic delivery. In her journey she also finds a new and exciting faith. David is mesmerised by her, and a mutual attraction quickly grows into a deep and profound love. However, they both have to confront their cultural baggage and past experiences as their love builds to a tough and gripping finale.

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